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D. Clayton Devening, Jr., DDS  - Dental Amalgam Removal Procedures:

There is a lot of information and controversy about the use of mercury in dentistry.  You, as the patient, need to be the judge of what you think is important to you.  It does appear that some people are very much affected by mercury while others seem unaffected in any obvious way.  If you wish to have your mercury fillings replaced by non-mercury materials, we implement a system of dental procedures to protect you from further mercury exposure during the removal of amalgam fillings. 

Patient Preparation for Amalgam Removal:

Patients that have experienced sensitivity to certain materials should have a Dental Materials Biocompatability Test prior to the removal of their amalgam fillings.

Dental Procedures for Patient Protection during Amalgam Removal:

D. Clayton Devening, Jr., DDS adheres to the following method for amalgam removal, based on the Dr. Hal Huggins protocol. 
We will provide our patients with the following support during the procedure:

  • measurement of electrical charges for sequential removal of mercury fillings

  • placement of a dam around the tooth to isolate it from the body & then sealing the dam so that  no mercury seeps under the dam

  • provide a dedicated source of air to the patient

  • use of a high volume air filter to eliminate mercury vapor from the air , for your protection as well as ours 
  • use of high volume oral evacuation, with lots of water to capture the amalgam material as it is removed
  • section amalgams and remove in as large pieces as possible
  •  remove and properly dispose of dam and mercury after amalgam removal
  • use of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic therapies for mercury detoxification

Dr. Devening is a member of the Holistic Dental Association, International Association of Mercury Free Dentist, and DAMS . 

  • For more information on dental amalgam removal: Contact the Dental Welllness Institute, International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology , Mercury Safe Dentistry at and Dr. Hal Huggins Applied Healing